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Launch your next article with expertise, influence, and promotion already built-in. 


Hey, my name is Ali Abbas, and today I’m going to show you a hack I use to consistently get quality backlinks from target blogs and influencers.


How? By using The One-Minute Expert Method. 


I created The One-Minute Expert Method out of desperation when I was overwhelmed with too much work and too little time as a way to get awesome content created and promoted without having to do the heavy lifting myself. If you are in a similar situation, I hope it can help you as well!  


1) Generate content topics, keywords, and questions  


It all starts with selecting your topic for the article. Once you have done that, start thinking about what types of keywords and questions you want to be featured in the post. For example, if I choose to write an article about “how to take maternity photographs like a professional” (topic), then my target (keyword) would be “maternity photography,” and I would ask (questions) about lighting, camera angles, and poses. 


*Sidenote: This method also works really well for “Top 10” type posts. For example, we crafted an article titled “Top VR books.” For this post, we reached out to influential authors for an exclusive quote not featured in their books. The unique content we managed to get, as well as the author-led promotion, delivered outstanding results.


2) Go on an influencer network like “Followerwonk” 


Followerwonk is a tool that searches Twitter profile bios for keywords and then ranks those profiles by their number of followers. 



3) Find relevant influencers or subject matter experts


Search keywords “maternity photography” or “baby photography” in Followerwonk to find influencers in the space. The aim is to get these influencers to help write and later promote your content. 



4) Reach out to select influencers 


Aim to reach out to at least 5-10 influencers on Twitter to start. The response rate ranges between 10-30%. Once you get a feel for it, repeat the outreach process until you have the desired number of influencers on board. *Adding incentives like Facebook Ads promotion or guaranteed backlinks helps increase responses. 


Hey [Name], 


I’m in the process of writing an article about “How to take maternity photographs like a professional” and wanted to feature an expert like you in it! Interested?


P.s We will be promoting this post on Facebook Ads, so potentially thousands of people will read it! 


(follow-up two days later if you don’t get a response)


5) Ask influencers for their input and expertise


If the influencer replies back with interest, there are two ways you can go about it:


a. Ask for a general quote, tip, or insight 


Thanks for getting back to me 🙂 it would be amazing if you could share your favorite tip on how to take maternity photographs. We’re looking for info about lighting, camera angles, and poses. 


We hope to gather all tips by Friday (October X).


b. Ask them to write a section or sub-heading of your article: 


I was wondering if you would be interested in writing about your advice on the best lighting for maternity photography. We’re looking for 100-150 words. You can include why great lighting is important, how-to, tips, and anything else. 


6) Take influencer content and create a blog post 


Now simply take whatever the influencers wrote for you and create a post out of it. Make sure to give the influencer credit for their contribution. 


After the influencer gives you their quote/content: 


Thanks for the write-up [Name]. We are putting it in right now. 


Would you be open to sharing the post with your audience once we are finished?


We hope to gather all responses by Friday (October X).


7) Share the completed blog


Once the post is complete, reach out to the influencers and share the blog post with them. At this time, you can ask them to share the post with their audience. 


Hey there [Name]


Our post on “How to take maternity photographs like a professional” is published. Thank you so much for your contribution! Really appreciate it. 


It would be great if you can share this [Link] with your audience. 


Although there is no guarantee the influencer will want to share or give you a backlink, your chances have significantly increased because they have invested in your post already. 


Sidenote: If promised, create a $5/day Facebook Ads campaign targeting the demographic of the article. 


8) Repeat with different topics, keywords, and influencers


If you do this enough, you will eventually attract a lot of shares, impressions, and backlinks. What this method allows you to do is launch your article with expertise, influence, and promotion already built-in. 


Personal opinion: the fastest way to grow your online presence is by leveraging others’ pre-built audience. By allowing others to contribute to your posts, you are giving them expert status, and in return, you are sometimes getting a chance to get your brand in front of their audience.  



In conclusion, following The One-Minute Expert Method for content creation has allowed me to get great content written and promoted by experts. Unlike traditional blogging, you don’t need to write and promote the post all by yourself.

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